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VA Mortgage – Acreage

VA Mortgage does not have an acreage limit.

A property with acreage should not present issues if there are a sufficient number of recent comparable sales in the area which were sold primarily for residential use.


The law allows veterans to use their Loan Guaranty benefit to purchase a farm on which there is a farm residence.

For VA purposes, the valuation must not include livestock, crops, or farm equipment and supplies.



The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Home Loan benefit may be used to purchase a
farm. There must be a farm residence on the land, and the Veteran must live in it as his
or her primary residence. VA-guaranteed loans can only be used for residential
purposes, and not to purchase a business. This means that some farm properties may
not be eligible for purchase using a VA-backed home loan.

General Guidance

Loans for farm dwellings are appraised the same way as for nonfarm-type dwellings:

  • VA does not limit the number of acres a VA-guaranteed property may have.
  • The appraisal of properties with acreage should not pose a problem, as long as
    similar properties in the area were recently sold primarily for residential use. This
    may include improvements not typically considered residential, like barns, sheds,
    corrals, stables and pastures.
  • For VA purposes, the value must not include livestock, crops, or farm equipment and
    supplies. Individual improvements not typically considered residential will be valued
    at fair market value. This includes barns, sheds, corrals, stables, pastures, etc.

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