Mortgage and Financial Advisors

Craig Strent has made a career out of serving Financial Advisors and has closed more than $1.25 billion in loans. Watch this interview to learn how he’s turned his advice experience into a competitive advantage.

Great Video! Thank you Craig Stent for sharing your knowledge with the MC community. I am new to the mortgage industry, but i used to work in wealth management. I like that this strategy will add liquidity and i think that is the most powerful part of this strategy.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this interview with Craig Stent. ……Clients are often hesitant to embrace the idea of the reinvestment strategy because they’ve always heard they should pay off your mortgage as fast as they can, however, when they see how they can do that and still have money left over by investing their money outside the walls of their home, they truly have an “ah-ha moment”!