The Branch Fulfillment Model:


You choose the level of support you need. Apex offers complete back office support allowing your branch the level of autonomy you require. 

Our model is designed to allow independent operators tap into the excess operational capacity to access an a la carte offering of branch fulfillment services. For entrepreneurial branch managers that competently manage their teams through strong leadership and prudent financial metrics, this allows you for the capture of the max amount of revenue on the branch side while receiving corporate support as needed / requested to grow your team and brand under our umbrella.

This model is available only for candidates we know personally or that have gone through a thorough vetting process and can demonstrate strong leadership and solid results managing their book of business and any Loan Officers under their supervision. Our firm has and will continue to grow through the addition of strong leaders that have good control over their teams, can participate in regular management meetings where their opinions are heard, and can help us acquire additional LO’s and branches with a like-minded attitude.

Significant financial rewards are available for those that can excel within our model.

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